IP:  play.vanillaplus.net

Discord: discord.gg/5KtdfPAC5f

Welcome to the Vanilla Plus store!

Feel free to take a look around, purchases you make will not only enhance your own gameplay significantly help out the server as well!

Please note:
Payments are processed via Tebex. You should receive any purchased ranks or packages within 15 minutes of your purchase going through. Please do not contact Mojang, Minecraft or Microsoft about payments on Vanilla Plus. Please keep in mind that ranks and packages are subject to change. Buying a rank or other package does not exempt you from the rules or punishment.

Refund Policy:

Since the items and ranks you receive when purchasing are digital, intangible goods, there is a strict no refund policy. This policy applies even if you are muted, banned or receive any other punishment. If you are banned while you have a rank, your rank will not be extended or refunded.


Please do not buy a rank or other package if the money you are using is not yours or you do not have the permission to use it, buying a rank will be a financial burden for you or you intend on executing a charge back.

The Vanilla Plus server is not in any way affiliated with Mojang AB, and it is not endorsed by or supported in any way by Mojang AB.