Legend Rank (30 Day)

14.99 USD


Increasing the quantity will add more rank time accordingly!
Ex: Purchasing the rank 2x will add 60 Days of Legend Rank to your account.

🔥Queue Priority  Always skip the queue when the server is full

🔥Tab Priority  Name will be shown above other players on the tab list

🔥Particle Effects  Give yourself particle effects for all players to see

🔥Name Color  Gold name tag and gold name on the tab list

🔥Chat Color  Make your chat any color, bold, underlined, or even italic [& and RGB colors]

🔥Colored Signs  Create signs with colored text [& colors]

🔥Colored DMs → Send private messages with colored text [& and RGB colors]

🔥Colored Items  Use an anvil to color the name of items

🔥4 Home Slots  Unlock all 4 home slots

🔥/nick  Change your name to any color except for staff colors [& colors]

🔥/lore  Add a custom-colored lore to the item you are holding [5d cooldown]

🔥/hat → Wear any item or block on your head as a hat

🔥/particles → Add a custom particle effect around your player

🔥/playtime → Check any players' full playtime on the server 

🔥/seen → Check when a player was last online 

🔥/ping  Check your ping or the ping of another player

🔥[item] → Display items that you are holding in the chat 

🔥[enderchest] → Display your ender chest in the chat

🔥[inventory] → Display your whole inventory in the chat