Legend Rank (30 Day)

14.99 USD 11.99 USD


Help support the server by buying a rank!

Full Join - Join the survival server even if its full and completely skip the queue

Nick - Change the color of your name using color codes (Staff colors are blocked) /nick

Chat Color - Make your chat messages any color you want, bold, underlined or even italic

Colored Items - You can use an anvil to color items

4 Home Slots - Skips the voting rewards and unlocks all 4 home slots

Item Lore - You can add or remove lore from items (5 day cooldown) /lore

[item] - Display the items your holding in chat  

Tab Priority - Be above all normal players on tab

Tab Color - Your name is gold on tab

Name Tag Color - Your name tag is gold

Hat - Wear any item or block on your head as a hat /hat

Playtime - Check how long a player has been on the server /playtime <player>

Seen - Check when a player was last online /seen <player>