Legend Rank (30 Day)

14.99 USD


Increasing quantity will add rank time accordingly
Ex: Purchasing 2 ranks will give you 60 days of Legend rank!

Queue Priority  Always skip the queue when the server is full

Tab Priority  Your name will be shown above other players on the tab list

Particle Effects  Give yourself particle effects for all players to see

Name Color  Gold name tag and gold name on the tab list

Chat Color  Make your chat any color, bold, underlined, or even italic [& and RGB colors]

Colored Signs  Create signs with colored text [& colors]

Colored DMs → Send private messages with colored text [& and RGB colors]

Colored Items  Use an anvil to color the name of items

4 Home Slots  Unlock all 4 home slots

/nick  Change the color of your name using color codes [Staff colors are blocked]

/lore  Add a lore to the item you are holding [5d cooldown]

/hat → Wear any item or block on your head as a hat

/particles → Opens the player particles menu

/playtime → Check a player's full playtime on the server 

/seen → Check when a player was last online 

/ping  Check your own ping or the ping of another player

[item] → Display items that you are holding in chat